Sunday, September 6, 2009

i love siena camp... thankyou jim!!!____kieba

Since i was 7 years old I've been apart of Siena's mentoring program I think it is me its like a big family. Having my very own big sister let me know that someone did care and I had someone I could look up to because there were times that I felt lost and had no clue what to do, but she was always there. Being in this program has given me something to look forward to every Saturday and summer because I know that I will have some thing to do. Sometimes I feel that Jim is sort-of giving us all a second chance by getting us away on the weekends and the summers, because without this program many of us could be getting into trouble. Now I'm 17 and I wish that I was 7 again so that I could start over again, but that's OK because the older I get the closer I am to being someone else's mentor...because this mentoring program is not just a program, camp, or job.....its apart of me now and I love it.
The best akieba!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What I Like About Siena-Ovion

Siena Mentoring Program

What I Like About The Siena Mentoring Program is,that its so fun an it gives me somthing to do on saturday and in the summer.I like that we get to have big brothers and sisters to take care of us.I also like that we get to go places like the movies or rollerskating.I am so glad im at Siena Mentoring Program!!! :)♥ Siena


i like siena because i have been coming here since i was 7 years old and every year i have lots of fun.Thanks to Jim Snyder this is one of the reasons i look forward to my summer vacation from school.The program keeps the kids out of trouble

Amanda Wilson - A "Big"

As I sit here on the last day of camp I hold back tears, it is amazing what this program has done for me. An only child from Brooklyn New York, being on my own at college didn’t faze me at all in the sibling arena. I felt no ties to a program called Big Brothers Big Sisters, had no desire to retire my Saturday afternoons. The children running through the cafeteria at noon had no reason to look my way and I had no reason to look theirs. But one day when a mentor told me of his story and how touched he was by the program, naturally my interest was sparked. But I’ll tell you something, you can talk of the hardship our kids experience, of how much we mean to them, of how great this program is until you are blue in the face but it means nothing until a Little, your Little, looks into your eyes with the joy, hope and care that Shawn Stephan Benjamin Jr. gave me upon our first encounter. Man I love that boy. In three years he has shown me love, hope, frustration, worry, fear, and euphoria in a way that nothing but having a younger sibling could.
Our bond is unbreakable, there is no distinction between the program and my blood at this point, this boy is my family. He has taught me how to discipline with love and joke with ration and to just get wild and crazy without concern. And while I know that his home life can get a bit crazy since his parents just separated I know that his four hours with me will be blissful. We will explore and conquer Albany, make television worthy creations in the cafeteria and just laugh and play from the moment he runs off the school bus into my arms until 4:00 when it is time to go home again. For some Bigs it ends there, when the school buses pull off, but not for us. I call him during the week and visit the Benjamin home when I have time. We exchange Christmas gifts and call for the major holidays; Shawn is a staple in my life. When I considered transferring in both my freshman and sophomore year he was a major reason for me staying. I know that if all I do is wake up and be on time and alert, I can be something stable in his life. He can always count on me and it is so moving to be able do that for a child; to be his hope and his promise. I am indebted to Jim for giving me something I thought I could never have, a little brother who I can advise, protect and just smother in love. When I graduate Shawn will be 10 years old. It is unbelievable that he was only 6 when we first met that day in St. Cashmir’s, he hugged me straight away and I melted.
This summer as the computer counselor at the mentoring program’s summer camp I got the opportunity to learn each of our kids’ names and incredible personalities. Perhaps the most rewarding job I have ever taken on it has changed me for life. Children with minimal to no computer skills left my classroom completing PowerPoint presentations laden with pictures, videos and effects. These same children completed Excel Spreadsheets making budgets for the faux corporations I put them in charge of. After sending professional e-mails in regards to meeting times and places they put together a blog discussing what camp meant to them and while their words were short they spoke volumes, showing that they appreciated what we do so much. In just 6 weeks these children became both competent and confident in their own abilities and talents and to think that I had a hand it is mindboggling but so fulfilling.

The mentoring program is a true representation of the Franciscan spirit. We mentors become selfless giving what we can to secure some happiness in the lives of these marvelous children. I thank God that I am able to be a part of it and for people as big hearted as Jim Snyder. Sacrificing for 43 years he makes my 3 look miniscule but he and this remarkable program will always inspire me to give myself in both service and love.

ameian 11

  1. The Siena Mentoring is very inportant to me because is something to do on the weekday.Also there are a lot of people here that i met are nice and & social people.Also the big brothers& sisters are nice too. I LOVE WHEN THEY TAKE AS PLACES.I LOVE SIENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY I LOVE SIENA!!!!!!!!!!!THATS WHAT I LIKE.Photobucket

nii maureese faruq 14

i like the siena camp because most of the counselors are really nicePhotobucket

Tishana Benjamin 14 yrs. old

i think Siena is a good program because it gives us something to do over our summer vacations and gets us out somewhere so we aren't bored during our summer days

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Counselor and BIG

Ive been part of this great program for 4 years and I am still planning on continuing it even though I have graduated. These four years have been great and rewarding for me as well as the kids. It gives you the chance to meet the kids from the area, and to have the chance to have a long time friendship with them and learn from each other. I've known these kids for a very long time and I have seen them grow and it's rewarding to see how these kids are turning into young ladys and gentlemen really fast. My name is Rosanna Lucero; I am 22 years old and I am proud to be a "BIG".


Antonia Rea age 10

I like coming to Siena. It's very fun. Thay take us to a lot of fun places. The counselors and big brother/sister.Photobucket

Cedric 16

I like Siena because its fun.

Amari Morris 9

  • i love Siena camp because it keeps us kids busy every day of the week and on Saturday.we can make new friends and express our selves and we play all day and have fun with our friends.
  • we meet new counselor , we do new things,and we meet new kids.

April Risley "Big"


at siena Mikaila 14

i do enjoy siena camp and the program. it allows me to make new friends and hang out with old friends. this is a great opportunity for us kids to stay out of trouble every once in a while.

Makayla A. Murray , 13 Yrs. Old !

I like siena because it is fun and we do a lot of things here ! It is fun and it gives you something to do everyday and on saturdays !



Siena is a good thing for kids to make new friends learn new things and have fun and it gives kids somthing to do if they don`t already have somthing planned Photobucket


♥I like siena because it gives me something to

do on the weekends and in the summer♥

i love siena because it qave me sumthinq to do and to see my friends since our school closed down and also because it is fun!!



Siena's mentoring summer camp is a great place to in the summer to go when I am bored.

TJ 12

Tthe reason i like the siena program is because every body is nice.We go swimming every day. I get to see my friends and it gets me through the summer. sometimes we're bad we don't get in that much trouble. They make sure that we are ok when we don't not feel good.That's what i like about the program.Photobucket

my at siena Mikaila 14

i do enjoy siena camp and the program. it allows me to make new friends and hang out with old friends. this is a great oppportunity for us kids to stay out of trouble every once in a while.

dejah 12

I like coming to Siena besause during the week were under a lot of pressue when we come here we release the pressure of the week Photobucket

Jaz-myn "Why Siena is important"

Siena is important because it gave me a lot of people I can look to for advice whenever I'm feeling down. I would hate for that to be taken away because without Siena I wouldn't be the same person I am today. I love Siena a lot; they gave me a lot of friends that I hold dear to my heart.Siena is a big part of my life that not only helped me, but inspired me also. Lastly, Siena gave me something to do other than running up and down the streets like many people my age which my mother is extremely grateful for.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hector Busby Jr 10

Siena summer camp is awesome because of the things we do, and we get to walk around the campus,and one the activities that I like is Pro John, and athletics. I love camp.Photobucket

Why i like siena college by DELANO

I like siena because it helps you learn more and when you come here when your older you know what is going tobe like when yor old enough to come here.


kahleem 8

I like siena because I have alot of fun, and they have nice people here. - kahleem fraser

Dylan Cooper 11

I've been going to siena for almost one year,
and it is the best program i've been to in a long time ,
because allthe kids are nice to me.
I CANT WAIT UNTILL COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What i like about Siena is the food and swimming.This summer I learned on my own how to swim at the fourteen.I like the food to we get the choice of eating pizza every day.I like other things too.Photobucket

kase mcmullen 11

  • I like siena camp becouse its somewhere to go when i get up in the morning insted of just siting at home on my computer and watching TV, but thanks to siena camp i don't have to do that any more
And thats what siena means to me


Athletics college Kyle 10

What I like about SIENA are the Teacher's that teach all my favorite classes and activities wich are PhotobucketAthletics wich Ericateaches,Swimming which Emily teaches,and Reading with Prof Jon

Siena Camp

´¯` ,´¯`,
`•.¸ ¸.[ S C H Y L A R ] ‹3
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| I have` been` going` to` siena`
| for` about` 5` long` years`
| and` it gets` better` and` better` every`
| year`i` like ` how` we` go` swimming`
| every` day` and` how` we` go` to
| the` great` escape` at` the` end` of
| the` year` when` i turn` about` 13`
| i want` to` become` a` junior counselor`
| well` that`s it` for` now` :D
´¯` ,´¯`,
`•.¸ ¸.[ S C H Y L A R ] ‹3
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Why I Like Siena -Jazmine♥

Well Siena Mentoring Camp Is The Best Place For Kids Because We Have A lot Of Fun.This Camp Means Alot To Me Because Its Like School In A Fun Way.! You Meet A lot Of Friends Here.Nice And Everyone Loves To Be At Summer Camp.!

-Jazmine Murray.♥!

Why I Like Siena = Trenese

I Like Siena Because It Gives Me Something To Do.... I Like Siena Because All My Friends From School are Here And We Have Fun Together ! I Like Siena Because I Have Been Going Here Since I Was Little !!!


My First Year

This is my first year at siena camp. So far its been really fun. I have met lots of new friends and some of them i knew already cause they go to my school or they use to go to my camp. My counselors name is Ali she is really nice and shes so funny. My jr. counselors name is Akeba shes nice to and shes always dancing. Siena camp is almost over and its been really fun i goin to miss it.



The Best Camp Ever

Siena camp is the most exciting camp. If I were to leave this camp I would cry. At this camp we are here to have fun and learn. To learn about all different things. They have the best counselors. At this camp you learn a lot! If you behave yourself then you take trip,to places like Saratoga, museums, historical sites, places where you learn. This is the best camp ever!!!


De'Ja My Summer Camp

My Summer Camp

The Siena Mentoring Program is so fun it is the 2nd best camp I ever went to the 1st one is basketball camp. All my friends come here and since my school closed down I can come here and see them in the summer and on Saturdays. We have a Saturday Program too. In that program we go places every Saturday it is all just oh so... FUN!!!PhotobucketI Love Siena College (Thank You So Much